How the duck do you deal with rebels?

How the duck do you deal with rebels?


well,you coud start with not going towards gaul and germania before conquering the more easily held Greece and carthage also in emergencies i reccomend having a civil war,that resets province loyalty and gives a big boost to it if you win it


Yeah I kind of realized that too as well


yep,i reccomend following the historical expansion but a bit faster,also remember to follow the missions!


Why are Greece and Carthage more easily held?


They are civilized so there are no tribesmen to worry about,also most Rome players integrate punic and the roman mission tree for Greece gives a large assimilation bonus,and its also of the same religion


Imagine integrating the filthy Punics…Assimilation and conversion for the lot of you, they’ll be good and virtuous Romans in a few decades.


Yea but war elephants levies in Itaia because sardinia


The key is to integrate them, take their tradition and them demote them again


Cultural appropriation has its' benefits, you see.


Whoa. I had no idea you could do that.


Yeap, you get the tradition and then demote them to un-integrate them, then you spam levies for army tradition and get space marines after a couple of years.


Awesome! So, to verify, you have to give them citizenship, integrate, then demote once done?


Yeap, make sure you integrate a culture with enough pops though.


Greece is also easier because they’re already Hellenic religion matches Rome’s starting religion.


> also in emergencies i reccomend having a civil war, Ahh yes, a historically classic way way to resolve emergencies, incite a civil war in your own country😅 (Just riffing on how the mechanic works in Imperator, not on you)


to be fair,when you have a civil war you get to kill all the people that disagree with you or,so yea ,it usually stabilizes countries well unless you are 3rd century rome or late republic rome or the argead empire


Ehh, I think it's pretty rare for a civil war to stabilize a country. The US Civil War, which might be what you are basing that on, is more an exception than a rule. (also overlooks a lot of the violence directed at Black people after the conflict) Look at many of the countries that were part of the Arab Spring, I think only Tunisia, has been relatively stable? And that might honestly be more my ignorance speaking. But Egypt, Libya, and Syria, oof, yea, not great.


I think you might be the one thinking a bit too modern. In Antiquity, civil wars were insanely common, and many were stabilizing. I mean the Roman Civil War eventually ended with the most peaceful and prosperous time in its history. I think it's just rarer that it works for large empires because they're held together more tenuously (and they have enormous frontiers lined with outsiders hoping to capitalize on such an event). But typically it would be two claimants to some monarchy, each with their own supporters, and then one side wins, one side dies, and the country is ruled as one again. It happened all the time.


eh,fair enough


Spanish Civil War too.


Worked for Augustus.


With violence. A lot of it


The people who say violence isn't the answer have never heard of Carthage, which exactly proves that violence is the most powerful answer.


The obvious and easy way is using civil wars. But a more realistic (maybe?) way is making sure that each province you conquer: 1) has a city as the province capital and 2) has a grand theatre/great temple (or both) in it. These buildings will convert and assimilate, and increase loyalty. In all honesty, the civil war strat is probably better, but by building at least one of those buildings in each places I took, I was able to avoid revolts all together.


I was trying out imperator Rome 2.0 update and saw that ghaul was unifying so I quickly rushed up there to break it apart before it truly unified and this is where I’m at now


“Tyranny and Civil wars. I have already written about it in my Mosylon post - Tyranny and Civil war mechanics are just OP. Yes, even for short runs. High tyranny gives - AE change, taxes and low CW threshold. Civil wars prevent your provinces and characters from becoming disloyal and help you keep your government members on 100 loyalty, which gives you max political influence.” Taken from Bivoolky’s Egypt post.


Yeah arvernia tends to dominate since it’s a federated tribe and quickly grab up its neighbors. So long as you control transalpine Gaul, just leave the Gallics to their business and focus on Carthage and the Diadochi. Tribal major powers will rarely declare war on you and they’re trivial to deal with. Leave them for mid-late game when you can assimilate faster


Make sure you use high Loyalty and decent Finesse characters as Governor. Conversion/Assimilation Policy after conquest. Prioritize Conversion if only <60% Pops are your religion. Harsh Treatment Policy when the majority province go Disloyal (<40) by dismissing/reassigning the same governor. (+0.20\~+0.36) High Wage + Corruption Reduction Law/National Idea + Free Hand on the Governors. Bribe and Befriend if you can affrod to. (+0.08\~+0.20) High Governor Loyalty >50 = Provincial Loyalty increase. (You can also use this combination on Office holders for higher Political Influence outputs) Provincial Loyalty Inventions like F.U.G. from Religious Invention and Petition of Minorities from Civic (+0.02 each) These should be enough to remove most of the early game provincial problems unless you have low Stability, high AE, and high WE. Once you've saved up the inventions and 4.7k, get Expanding Culture and Government Tradition GW up ASAP. Try not to expand into wrong culture/religion high Pop Provinces (Western Delta, Carthago, etc) without GW up. Integrating the local dominant culture like Macedonian, Roman, Punic, Bohairic, Armenian, and something Indian works too. You need them to unlock Military Tradition anyway.


You drown them in rivers of their own blood.


I had a similar issue with my Seleukid game and thought I was going into a death spiral. Civil War would fix the issue if you can create a small one. Another more long term solution is replacing governors with loyal one who will run harsh treatment and build grand Temples and Theaters in cities as they give provinces loyalty and covert the more populated counties to your culture and religion make your empire more stable in the long run


How are they so disloyal on 60+ stability??? Do you have capital surpluses of fish, olives, precious metals and dye? Have you set their province policy to harsh treatment? Have you got any unintegrated culture happiness bonuses from tech? Are your governors corrupt?


IMO they screwed up the loyalty of governors and pop in there last update and now that they won’t support the game anymore it’s screwed. Which is really dumb the fact that they still support eu4 which is a 10+ year old game yet imperator which has way more promise gets thrown into the dustbin


Eu4 is from 2014...


So it's 7+ years, and more to his point it has gotten like a dozen DLCs and 33 patches. It has easily gotten a decade's worth of support, dunno why stating the literal release year was your main takeaway here.


I stated that because it is not a 10+ year old game, only 7+ years


Its pedantic useless response. Thanks for contributing zero


Oh why you’re welcome!


I literally could not expand with how many revolts I was killing


Not sure why your getting downvoted... Completely agree.


100%. EU4 is my favorite game but it is past the point where it needs more work, and most of the recent patches have sent it sideways rather than making it outright better. If they put the effort into Imperator that they put into 1 or 2 of the earlier eu4 patches, the game would be great. Imperator is better now than EU4 was at the same stage, so it makes no sense that they'd abandon it.


I usually kill them into submission.


Slay them upon the field of battle sirrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!


Build courts in cities as well as tax offices. In the country sides, build Colonias. This will boost ur province loyalty and tone down your unrest


You kill them? But seriously look at your govenours and change the ones who will have rebelling provinces, change to someone with 0 corruption. This will likely make the new govenour choose new policies to help combat rebelions and will make sure corruption aint the problem.


\*Cough\* genocide \*cough\*


Sorry missed the mark by three years my argument still stands


Have other commanders move by AI.


By stabbing them in the dick repeatedly




not have 50 AE


You've got several issues going on with your populations. 1. You probably have corrupt AF governors. Replace them as that contributes greatly to problems. 2. Buildings can allow you to improve your performance loyalty and there are several techs, those will help you. 3. Dont be afraid to use harsh treatment. It'll drive people out of the provinces leaving less people to be a problem while also driving loyalty back up.


Try and proc a tiny civil war. Civil wars reset all province loyalty to 100


You pay them off or fight them